March 6, 2020


How Sweden is developing green batteries for a more sustainable future (Tim Marringa, 6 March 2020, The Local)

"If you want more electrified society, batteries need to have very high efficiency," explains University of Uppsala researcher Kristina Edström.

"The amount of energy you lose when you store it has to be very low. It also has to be scaleable, from really big batteries to very small ones, to be able to use them in different applications. They are crucial as a tool for a new generation of renewable energy cities."

Swedish company SaltX stores energy in the form of heat in large tanks filled with nano-coated salt. This heat can then be used to generate electricity when needed.

"There are a lot of days with wind that you're not going to need at that specific time and there are going to be days that you don't have any wind," says Corey Blackman, head of technology at the company. "The whole point of energy storage is that you store energy in times of surplus, and utilize this in times that you don't have enough."

"It's very similar to electrical batteries where you would store electricity in chemical bonds," Blackman tells The Local. "But instead of storing electricity, we store heat. Salt and water react with each other. When you put in certain amounts of heat you separate and when you bring them back together this heat is released from the system again, which you can utilise."

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