February 4, 2020


The death of Iowa (TIM ALBERTA, 02/04/2020, Politico)

The disaster that unfolded here Monday night--improper recording of results, failed transmission of precinct tallies, botched management of the voting procedures themselves--will leave no recourse for the national parties. Iowa's blood has been in the water for years, its sacred-cow status a source of resentment for states like Florida and Michigan that claim to be more representative of the nation. Iowa has survived, cycle after cycle, on the strength of strategic alliances, none more critical than between the Democratic and Republican parties in the state, each one recognizing that one's failure could doom the tradition clung to by both.

There have been close calls before, but nothing approaching the catastrophe of Feb. 3, a date that will be remembered as the beginning of Iowa's end after a nearly half-century-long run kicking off the presidential primary process. As it became clear in the twilight hours of Monday that Democrats would not produce timely, trustworthy numbers by which to judge the candidates after two years of campaigning in the state, it was equally obvious that Iowa's day of reckoning had arrived.

"This will probably be the last caucus we'll have to worry about," David Yepsen, the longtime Des Moines Register scribe and dean of the Iowa press corps, wrote on Twitter.

With the rise of a Democrat in the GOP primaries and a Socialist in the Democrat, it's an ideal time for the parties to take back control of their own processes.  Dictate when each state can go and only seat delegates chosen according to approved party primaries.  The national parties need to be restored to power.

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