January 4, 2020


The Mainstream Media Is a Cheerleader for War With Iran (BELÉN FERNÁNDEZ, 1/04/20, Jacobin)

In reality, the oft-invoked allegation of "polarization" in the media and the broader political establishment hardly holds water; it's like arguing that 21 degrees Fahrenheit and 22 degrees Fahrenheit are polar opposites. Just recall, for example, that time Trump fired cruise missiles at Syria and the liberal media thought it was pretty much the most exciting thing to have ever happened.

A glance at media coverage of the Soleimani assassination also fails to produce much evidence of a fanatical anti-Trump campaign. The lead paragraph of a New York Times article about the "Master of Iran's Intrigue" is devoted to establishing how Soleimani was "behind hundreds of American deaths in Iraq and waves of militia attacks against Israel." The second paragraph reiterates that he was a "powerful and shadowy . . . spymaster at the head of Iran's security machinery."

In other words: he deserved it. And never mind that the United States has been behind countless thousands of Iraqi deaths in Iraq or that -- as the article later reveals -- the "waves of militia attacks" took place during the brutal twenty-two-year military occupation of south Lebanon by Israel, which also boasts the distinction of having slaughtered tens of thousands of people in that country.

When you're not actually in the business of speaking truth to power, some things are better left unsaid.

The New York Times article also mentions that Soleimani and other Iranian officials were "designated as terrorists by the United States and Israel in 2011, accused of a plot to kill the ambassador of Saudi Arabia . . . in Washington." Although that whole alleged plot has been soundly debunked, it bears raising the question: if the United States assassinated an Iranian official on foreign soil, doesn't that qualify as terrorism?

The Washington Post opinion section, meanwhile, offered the analysis that, in killing Soleimani, Trump competently "enforce[d] the red line he drew on Iran" -- i.e., everything is Iran's fault, and if the country "miscalculates again, then the regime has been warned: Next time, the target will likely be Iran."

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