December 6, 2019


Staff fired, protest planned after Bettendorf forum features far-right nationalist (GIANG NGUYEN, UPDATED AT 07:43PM, DECEMBER 5, 2019, WQAD)

BETTENDORF, Iowa -- Iowa congressional candidate Bobby Schilling has fired his campaign political coordinator. The blowback comes after an immigration forum at a church in Bettendorf on Monday that featured a far-right activist with links to nationalists. [...]

Athena Galbraith, a Davenport mom, was not at the event, but learned about it in the media. She said she felt compelled to speak out.

"It was scary that it hit close to home." She said her concern was not just Fuentes' presence, but the general rhetoric against immigrants at the forum.

"They were issuing hate statements against immigrants and illegal immigrants."

"If you're Christian, if you go to church, you know that everything that was said that night goes against everything you know, as far as Christianity. This is not the place for that. The Quad Cities are a diverse beautiful inclusive community. This is the place we celebrate each other's differences, we don't hate."

She plans to organize a protest against hate on Sunday at 9am at Pleasant View Baptist Church.

Pastor Ed Hedding of Pleasant View Baptist Church said a last-minute venue cancellation led to his church being used for the forum.

"We did not plan nor organize the event. Nicholas Fuentes' presence was a surprise to us and the entire audience. His veiled speech masked ideas that are quite unchristian and unsupported by Pleasant View Baptist Church," he said in a statement.

Based on his NumbersUSA score, there's no reason he wouldn't invite Fuentes.

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