November 8, 2019


House Republicans appear to be throwing Giuliani, Sondland, and Mulvaney under the bus to save Trump (Peter Weber, 11/08/19, The Week)

House Republicans have now started "sowing doubts about whether Sondland, Giuliani, and Mulvaney were actually representing the president or freelancing to pursue their own agendas," the Post reports. This is just one theory Republicans are testing out -- others include that Trump didn't have "corrupt intent," that quid pro quo's are commonplace, and that Trump is too incompetent to carry one off. "In a sign of how the GOP is scrambling, however, many of those theories run counter to each other," the Post notes.

Yes, it was a crime but I didn't mean it, am too stupid to effect it or had my staff do it.  Besides, Ukranians are scum....

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