October 3, 2019


Trump tweets overwhelm GOP impeachment defense (David M. Drucker, October 03, 2019, Washington Examiner)

Trump's tweets and public comments from personal attorney Rudy Giuliani often diverge from party messaging and catch Republicans on Capitol Hill off guard. That makes it difficult for them to defend Trump from a Democratic impeachment inquiry that they believe stands on weak political grounds.

"The president's tweets and the, 'What planet are they on?' defenses from his staunchest supporters not only actively hurt making substantive defenses the president will need, they also send a [bad] message to voters," said Republican operative Doug Heye, a former House GOP leadership aide.

It's hard to narrow down, but isn't the best part of the clownshow when the Trumpbots accuse people of lying and then Donald comes out and admits he engaged in the alleged wrongdoing?  After all, his poor lickspittles are still trying to discredit the whistleblower when the transcript confirms everything he alleged.

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