October 22, 2019


Fractured Nation: Widening Partisan Polarization and Key Issues in 2020  (PRRI Staff, 10.17.2019)

Favorability and Approval

President Trump's net favorability ratings are at the lowest point since he took office in 2017. Only about one in three (35%) Americans say they have a favorable opinion of the President, and 64% say they have an unfavorable opinion, for a net rating of -29%. A plurality (48%) of Americans say they have a very unfavorable opinion of Trump, the highest since he took office. [...]

Trump Could Lose More Support Than He Might Gain [...]

While most who disapprove of Trump are set in their ways, Americans who approve of Trump's job performance are more open to the idea of changing their mind: Two-thirds (66%) say he could do something to lose their approval, while 33% say there is nothing he could do to lose their approval. Republicans (42%) are about twice as likely as independents (20%) to say there is virtually nothing Trump could do to lose their approval. [...]

Donald Trump's Behavior and the Presidency

Nearly three in four (73%) Americans say they wish Trump's speech and behavior were more consistent with past presidents, but opinion is polarized.  [...]

Almost two-thirds (65%) of Americans say that Trump has damaged the dignity of the presidency, while 35% say he has not. [...]

Trump's Impact on White Supremacist Groups and Violence

A majority (57%) of Americans say Trump's decisions and behavior have encouraged white supremacist groups. Fewer than one in ten (6%) say he has discouraged white supremacist groups, and around one in three (36%) say his behavior has not had an impact either way. These views have remained largely unchanged since 2018 when 54% said he encouraged white supremacists, 5% said he discouraged white supremacists, and 39% said his decisions and behavior did not have an impact.

...who don't disapprove of his conduct.

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