September 3, 2019


Cherokee Nation Names First Delegate To Congress (GRAHAM LEE BREWER, 9/03/19, All Things Considered)

The article outlining the right to a delegate is in the Treaty of New Echota. The 1835 treaty is also the document that led to the Trail of Tears, something that has been top of mind for Teehee. She points out the treaty gave up the Cherokee's homelands and cost the tribe thousands of lives. [...]

Newly elected Chief of the Cherokee Nation Chuck Hoskin Jr. made Teehee's appointment one of his administration's first priorities. He said her ability to reach across the aisle on a number of important areas for Indian Country is what led him to choose Teehee for the position.

"One thing that I have learned is that you never know what the next issue will be, and so we need somebody that is nimble, has studied up on the issues and is a quick study when those things come up," Hoskin said.

For her part, Teehee says she understands her appointment will help bring visibility to a nearly invisible part of American society. And that could have a lasting impact on areas like Indian Health Services funding, education expansion on tribal lands and treaty rights, like the one that led to her appointment.

"The education piece of it also means, what do treaty rights actually mean? Why do these old documents still live today?"

In this case, the Treaty of New Echota, a document that led to the horrors of genocide nearly 200 years ago, could today lead to a new chapter in relations between the U.S. and the Cherokee Nation.

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