September 1, 2019


Muslim Americans seeking political office undeterred by Trump's racist attacks (Sheren Khalel,  24 July 2019, Middle East Eye)

Muslim activists from across the country attended, many of whom planned campaigns or had already tried to run for office.

While many of the attendees were eyeing local positions, including city council and school board seats, Ameen Ahmad, a 16-year-old student from Maryland, is dreaming big. He wants to be president one day.  

Ahmad is well aware of the political climate in the US, and said the hate and race-baiting he has seen only serve to galvanise his political aspirations. 

"When I watched the video and saw President Trump standing there for 16 seconds as people chanted 'Send her back, Send her back', I felt upset and hurt, but I didn't feel scared," Ahmad said.

He was referring to a Trump rally in North Carolina last week, where the president's supporters targeted Omar with racist slogans.

"It actually makes me want to run even more because I want to show people that Muslims are part of their community and normal citizens just like them," Ahmad added.

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