September 28, 2019


'British innovation to save the world' UK to open nuclear fusion plant, untold clean power (EMILY FERGUSON, Sep 28, 2019, Daily Express)

Backers of nuclear fusion believe it is the fuel source of the future as it basically turns hydrogen in sea water into usable electricity - with no radioactive waste and no emissions. Last night Boris Johnson announced the Government will fund the world's first nuclear fusion plant. The £220m investment will build on work already being done in Britain - the country houses the world's largest nuclear fusion research experiment, in Culham, Oxfordshire and Mr Johnson visited the facility within days of taking office.

Many feared lack of investment meant the USA and South Korea were leaving Britain in their technological wake.

Whoever successfully scales up nuclear fusion could licence the technology across the globe as the new power source will be worth billions.

Mr Johnson has pledged to pump an initial £220million into the project and the Government hopes to build the world's first nuclear fusion plant by 2040.

Fusion power utilises the technology used in the hydrogen bomb and aims to squeeze hydrogen atoms together to make helium, which creates vast amounts of energy.

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