September 29, 2019


Lord Dartmouth visits his namesake college in Hanover to talk Brexit (JOHN LIPPMAN, 9/28/19, Valley News)

HANOVER -- Lord Dartmouth arrived by Dartmouth Coach to visit Dartmouth College last week.

The British businessman and former politician confessed his eyes "misted over" when he first glimpsed his hereditary title emblazoned on the side of the bus when he boarded it in Boston for the ride. He was taken aback again when he arrived in Hanover.

Back home in the county of Devon in southwest England, where Lord Dartmouth lives about 15 miles from the town of Dartmouth, "You only see the word 'Dartmouth' on road signs," he told an audience who had come to hear him deliver a public lecture on Brexit at the college Tuesday night.

"By contrast, you see 'Dartmouth' here everywhere," the British peer marveled.

Lord Dartmouth, the 10th Earl of Dartmouth -- known by his family name, William Legge -- made his fourth visit last week to the American college named after his ancestor, the 2nd Earl of Dartmouth, who helped raise money for Eleazar Wheelock's plan to found a college to educate native Americans before falling out with Wheelock after the clergyman's plans changed to cater to the sons of colonists.

Even as a boy growing up, Legge was aware his family had a link to something far away in America: a copy of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine every month would plop through the mail slot in the door addressed to his father, the 9th Earl of Dartmouth, Legge recalled over a breakfast of corned beef hash, poached eggs, black beans and a side of mustard Wednesday morning at Lou's Restaurant & Bakery in Hanover.

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