August 28, 2019


The media refuses to face the fact that Joe Biden isn't close to collapsing   (John Podhoretz, August 28, 2019, NY Post)

Look, I'm sorry you're bored. I'm sorry you want more drama. I know you want Elizabeth Warren to be surging because she has such wonderful policy papers. I know you want Bernie Sanders gaining symbolic force by starring in Twitter videos in which he hits punching bags.

I know you want Beto O'Rourke to be a moral beacon on guns after his hometown was the site of a mass shooting -- even though he sounds less like an Old Testament prophet and more like Kermit the Frog when he tries to speak with power.

I know you want Kamala Harris to soar on the basis of a controversial topic -- 1970s school busing -- most of you didn't even know had ever been a topic, much less controversial.

I know you want Pete Buttigieg to give voice to the soul of the Democratic Party even after Buttigieg told a guy his mother would have had a perfect right to abort him the day before his birth.

I know you want Cory Booker to be an eloquent spokesman for whatever position he's decided to take today that he didn't take a decade ago.

Mostly, I know you want Joe Biden to be collapsing.

I know you want Democrats to gasp when he talks about Vermont when he's in New Hampshire. I know you want Democrats to think "senile" when he says he was vice president during the Parkland shooting. You want it because the actual facts of the case are both boring and irritating.

PODCAST: David Byler on Polling and 2020 (Charlie Sykes, August 27th, 2019, The Bulwark Podcast)

On today's Bulwark Podcast, David Byler from the Washington Post joins host Charlie Sykes to break down the 2020 polling: Is Biden falling? How much movement will see? The durability of Trump's (low) numbers, and what Democrats might need to do to flip the Senate.

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