July 13, 2019


Border Patrol Agents Circulate 'Challenge Coin' Mocking Care for Migrant Kids (Dara Lind July 13, 2019, National Memo)

An unofficial commemorative coin has been circulating among Border Patrol agents at the U.S./Mexico border, mocking the task of caring for migrant children and other duties that have fallen to agents as families cross into the U.S.

On the front, the coin declares "KEEP THE CARAVANS COMING" under an image of a massive parade of people carrying a Honduran flag -- a caricature of the "caravan" from last fall, which started in Honduras and attracted thousands of people as it moved north. (While the caravan included many women and children, the only visible figures on the coin appear to be adult men.)

The coin's reverse side features the Border Patrol logo and three illustrations: a Border Patrol agent bottle-feeding an infant; an agent fingerprinting a teen boy wearing a backwards baseball cap; and a U.S. Border Patrol van. The text along the edge reads "FEEDING ** PROCESSING ** HOSPITAL ** TRANSPORT."

Trump's former ICE chief advocates for extended detention of families (RAFAEL BERNAL, 07/12/19, The Hill)

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chief Thomas Homan told a House panel Friday that migrant families seeking asylum should wait out their legal process in detention. [...]

He added that the "unprecedented attack and vilification of the men and women of ICE and the Border Patrol" is negatively affecting agent morale.

"They have to wake up every day and see the news reports and comments from representatives in Congress that they are Nazis, white supremacists, that they operate concentration camps, that they abuse women and children," said Homan.

"Those that make those outrageous statements believe that once you decide to carry that ICE badge or the Border Patrol badge, that you lose your sense of humanity and love for another person," he added.

Reporters With Pence Find Migrants Confined In 'Horrendous' Conditions (Cody Fenwick July 12, 2019, Alternet)

While traveling with Vice President Mike Pence to Texas, pool reporters negotiated access to see an outdoor portal at the McAllen Border Station. And what they found, as documented in a pool report and photos by reporter Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post, was an absolutely horrifying scene.

There were about 400 men caged in a fenced-in area outdoors, "so crowded that it would have been impossible for all of the men to lie on the concrete," Dawsey reported.

"There were no mats or pillows -- some of the men were sleeping on concrete," he said. "The stench was horrendous."

He described the weather as "sweltering hot."

The men in the cages began shouting at the press when they came by, saying that they've been kept there for 40 days or longer. Dawsey said they appeared dirty. The patrol agent in charge at the station admitted some of the men hadn't showered for 10 or 20 days because the facility only recently got showers.

as Mr. Homan said, sit back and enjoy it.
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