July 19, 2019


Prostitution Rumors or Porn Star Payoffs: What Was Hope Hicks Really Talking About?: New documents raise questions about what Trump's former aide told Michael Cohen. (Dan Friedman, 7/19/19, MoJo)

The unsealed affidavit does not flatly assert that the Hicks was part of a discussion about paying off Daniels. But it supported that possibility. On Thursday night, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) wrote to Hicks and her attorney, Robert Trout, asking her to clarify apparent inconsistencies in her testimony "in very short order--but not later than August 15, 2019." Nadler said that unsealed material "raises substantial questions about the accuracy" of several of Hicks' claims.

In a statement Friday, Trout said that Hicks' testimony was accurate. "Reports claiming that Ms. Hicks was involved in conversations about 'hush money' payments on October 8, 2016, or knew that payments were being discussed, are simply wrong," Trout said. "Ms. Hicks stands by her truthful testimony that she first became aware of this issue in early November 2016, as the result of press inquiries, and she will be responding formally to Chairman Nadler's letter as requested."

Hicks previously offered more detail on the October 8 call with Trump and Cohen. During her June testimony, she said the call was about rumors she'd heard about "a tape involving Mr. Trump in Moscow with, you know--can I say this?...with Russian hookers, participating in some lewd activities." Hicks explained that she "wanted to make sure that I stayed on top of it before it developed any further, to try to contain it from spiraling out of control." She said she had heard that the gossip site TMZ might have "access to this tape," and she knew Cohen was friendly with TMZ founder Harvey Levin.

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