July 13, 2019


'This wasn't just a briefing': Pompeo grilled CIA analysts on Russia findings: The DOJ is now reviewing those same findings after Mike Pompeo found no wrongdoing in how the agency concluded Russia wanted to help Trump in 2016. (NATASHA BERTRAND 07/12/2019, Politico)

Attorney General Bill Barr has ordered an investigation into whether the CIA was correct to determine that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to boost Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

But that question has already been asked and answered at the CIA's highest levels -- by Mike Pompeo, a Trump loyalist, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Just after Pompeo took over as CIA director in 2017, he conducted a personal review of the CIA's findings, grilling analysts on their conclusions in a challenging and at times combative interview, these people said. He ultimately found no evidence of any wrongdoing, or that the analysts had been under political pressure to produce their findings.

"This wasn't just a briefing," said one person familiar with the episode. "This was a challenging back and forth, in which Pompeo asked the officers tough questions about their work and how they determined Putin's specific objectives." Pompeo also asked about CIA's work with the FBI on the Russia probe in 2016. Two U.S. officials further confirmed to POLITICO that the interview occurred and was robust.

Additionally, a congressional official said Pompeo and his deputies never gave any indication to lawmakers, even behind closed doors, that the CIA had acted improperly or drawn incorrect conclusions about Putin's desire to help Trump get elected.

And IG Horowitz is now co-operating with Christopher Steele's investigation.

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