July 2, 2019


Overcrowding caused 'ticking time bomb' at Border Patrol stations: Watchdog (QUINN OWEN Jul 2, 2019, ABC News)

U.S. Border Patrol agents packed migrants into overcrowded patrol stations near the Rio Grande Valley, creating conditions so poor that one facility manager called it a "ticking time bomb," according to a new government watchdog report made public on Tuesday.

In one example, Homeland Security Department inspector general investigators allege that many of the detainees were held in standing-room only conditions for a week and hadn't showered in a month.

This latest finding by the independent investigators alleges that most of the children held at children-only shelters didn't have access to showers and were not given a change of clothes.

Eighty-eight adult males held in a cell with a maximum capacity of 41, some signaling prolonged detention to OIG Staff, observed by the Office of Inspector General, June 12, 2019, at Border Patrol's Fort Brown Station.more +
The report states that 50 migrant children under the age of seven traveling without their parents were being held in custody at the facilities - some waiting more than two weeks before finally being transferred to a longer term shelter.

The government has wound up with thousands of these children it calls "unaccompanied alien minors" because it does not allow extended relatives such as aunts, uncles and grandparents to accompany children across the border. In the month of May alone, the government counted 11,000 "UACs" at the border.

The watchdog office inspected five facilities in the Rio Grande Valley. Children at three of the facilities did not have access to showers and some kids were not provided hot meals, a requirement outlined by government detention standards.

Leading a country 'means killing people': Tucker Carlson defends Trump friendship with Kim Jong Un (William Cummings, 6/30/19, USA TODAY)

Carlson said there "is no defending the North Korean regime," which he described as "monstrous and "the last really Stanilist regime in the world." 

"On the other hand, you've got to be honest about what it means to lead a country. It means killing people," Carlson continued. [...]

Carlson said that while he "is not a relativist or anything" it is the "nature and life, and certainly the nature of power" to have to choose between "the bad people and the worse people." 

"I do think that's how the president sees it," Carlson said. "He's far less sentimental about this stuff." 

Trump Laughs at Supporter's Proposal to Shoot Immigrants (Justin Baragona,  05.09.19, Daily Beast)

President Trump chuckled and joked when a supporter at his Florida rally suggested shooting immigrants as a way to decrease migrant crossings at the southern U.S. border on Wednesday night.

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