June 9, 2019


New rules give households right to sell solar power back to energy firms: Government also wants to encourage people with rooftop panels to install batteries (Jillian Ambrose, 9 Jun 2019, The Guardian)

Britain's biggest energy companies will have to buy renewable energy from their own customers under new laws to be introduced this week.

Homeowners who install new rooftop solar panels from 1 January 2020 will be able to lower their bills by selling the energy they do not need to their supplier.

A record was set at noon on a Friday in May 2017, when solar energy supplied around a quarter of the UK's electricity. However, solar panel owners are not always at home on sunny days to reap the benefit. The new rules will allow them to make money if they generate electricity for the grid. [...]

Chris Skidmore, the minister for energy and clean growth, said the government wanted to increase the number of small-scale generators without adding the cost of subsidies to energy bills. "The future of energy is local and the new smart export guarantee will ensure households that choose to become green energy generators will be guaranteed a payment for electricity supplied to the grid," he said. The government also hopes to encourage homes with solar panels to install batteries.

Greg Jackson, the founder of Octopus Energy, said: "These smart export tariffs are game-changing when it comes to harnessing the power of citizens to tackle climate change".

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