May 26, 2019


An Indiana Man Who Vandalized A Synagogue With Nazi Symbols Admitted How Far-Right Figures Radicalized Him (Claudia Koerner, 5/26/19, BuzzFeed News)

They blamed his teenage wife, who they said had a troubled upbringing and would spend hours chatting on Discord, an app that had become popular among white supremacists. She then shared articles with her husband.

"According to Nolan, she began with rightwing yet mainstream views such as those presented on Fox News. She then moved on to writing by Ben Shapiro and articles on Breitbart News which bridged the gap to the notorious white supremacist and anti-Semititc propaganda site Stormfront." [..]

Much of their communication with white supremacists took place online, but Brewer also described becoming a member of Identity Evropa, a neo-Nazi group that took part in the Unite the Right rally violence at Charlottesville.

Brewer told the FBI he and his wife met for dinner at a local restaurant with a "lovely couple" and others from the group, but he glossed over its violent recent history. After the 2017 violence left a woman dead, Identity Evropa members were told not to participate in the 2018 Unite the Right rally, he acknowledged.

"It's just be proud that you're European, it's, it's an identitarian movement, it's nothing political," Brewer told the FBI, adding he and his wife gave $100 to the group.

The agents pressed Brewer whether Identity Evropa members had hostility toward any groups of people. The Discord handle of the woman he'd met was, after all, Volkmom, a reference to a Nazi slogan. He responded by referencing a meme used to disparage Syrian refugees and other groups of people.

"There's always a couple poisoned Skittles to ruin the bowl," Brewer told the FBI. 

Donald Trump Jr compares Syrian refugees to Skittles (BBC, 20 September 2016)

Donald Trump's eldest son has caused uproar on social media by comparing Syrian refugees to the fruit-flavoured sweets Skittles.

Trying to suggest the US should not accept any refugees, Donald Trump Jr posted an image that asked:

"If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful?''

"That's our Syrian refugee problem."

He added: "This image says it all. Let's end the politically correct agenda that doesn't put America first."

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