May 31, 2019


U.S., China firms scramble as new tariffs hurt business (Brenda Goh, Lisa Baertlein, 5/31/19, Reuters) 

On both sides of the Pacific, importers and exporters are scrambling as further tariffs of 15% come into effect, on top of the 10% duties imposed last September. The new tariffs will force them to raise prices, take a further hit on margins, or, if they can, find alternatives.

Trump vows rapid, high tariffs on Mexico unless illegal immigration ends (Steve Holland, Frank Jack Daniel, 5/31/19, Reuters)

The announcement rattled investors who feared that worsening trade friction could hurt the global economy. The Mexican peso, U.S. stock index futures and Asian stock markets tumbled on the news, including the shares of Japanese automakers who ship cars from Mexico to the United States.

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