May 28, 2019


Whoa, Joe: The former VP is leading all the primary polls. But the numbers mask serious liabilities. (CHRISTIAN VANDERBROUK,  MAY 28, 2019, The Bulwark)

[W]hat's exciting for those hoping to retake the White House in 2020 are national and state-level matchup polls showing Biden absolutely routing the incumbent president. The most recent Fox News survey has Biden with an 11 point margin over Trump.

The picture is even more dramatic at the state level. In Pennsylvania, a Quinnipiac poll has Biden crushing Trump 53-42. Biden even holds a four-point lead among white voters in the state.

The former vice president isn't only winning in states where he's a familiar face. An Emerson poll of Texas voters--Texas!--has Biden leading Trump 50-49. A recent poll in Arizona (which Trump won handily in 2016), shows Biden with a comfortable five point lead.

If the top priority for Democrats is to unseat the president--if they believe their rhetoric about the damage a second Trump term could do--there's a compelling practical case to be made for Joe Biden.

Biden is a known quantity, which is important for challenging an incumbent president with celebrity status.

To the extent that Biden has skeletons in his closet, they're reminders of a less progressive Democratic Party: support for a now-controversial crime bill, insensitive questions for Clarence Thomas accuser Anita Hill, a pattern of creepy (but not necessarily sexual) intrusions on women's space.

Ironically--if Biden can make it through the primary gauntlet--these offenses against woke orthodoxy might help him in the general election. 

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