March 11, 2019


Americans' Support for Immigration Is at a Record High. There's No Need to Appease Fascists.: Last year, only 24 percent of Americans supported cutting legal immigration, down from 40 percent in 2006. (NOAH LANARD, MARCH 11, 2019, Mother Jones)

In 1995, the British immigrant turned American white nationalist Peter Brimelow began his book Alien Nation with an usual argument: Immigration to the United States was Adolf Hitler's "posthumous revenge" on America because "mass immigration" was transforming and potentially destroying the "American nation." David Frum, now a staff writer for The Atlantic and a prominent #NeverTrump Republican, blurbed Brimelow's book, calling it a "formidable work." Since then, Americans have become dramatically more supportive of immigration. Frum, evidently, has not.

On Monday, The Atlantic published a cover story in which Frum calls for a radical cut to legal immigration in the name of promoting assimilation and warding off fascism. Frum cites the election of Donald Trump as evidence of a widespread backlash to immigration. He argues that Americans feel threatened by rising levels of immigration and will turn to more right-wing extremists like Trump unless Washington implements new policies that sharply reduce immigration. "Many Americans feel that the country is falling short of its promises of equal opportunity and equal respect," he writes. "Levels of immigration that are too high only enhance the difficulty of living up to those promises." But do Americans actually think there's too much immigration? The answer, according to polling data, is a resounding no.

Last year, only 24 percent of Americans supported cutting legal immigration, down from 40 percent in 2006, according to data provided to Mother Jones by the Pew Research Center. Among Republicans without a college degree, the heart of Trump's base, 59 percent say legal immigration should be increased or kept at the present level. 

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