March 4, 2019


The Steele Dossier's 'Corroborated' Claims Were Old News (ANDREW C. MCCARTHY, March 4, 2019, National Review)

By autumn 2015, the FBI knew that the DNC servers had been hacked and that Russian operatives were surely the culprit. The Times reported as much on December 13, 2016.

It is well known in Western intelligence circles that WikiLeaks is, at least in part, a willing agent of Russian intelligence.

On June 12, 2016, over a month before WikiLeaks published the hacked DNC emails, Julian Assange gave an interview on the British television network ITV. In it, he announced, "We have upcoming leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton. . . . We have emails pending publication."

By the time of this June 12 interview, WikiLeaks had already published a searchable index of approximately 30,000 emails from the private server on which Secretary Clinton had systematically conducted State Department business. These were the emails that she disclosed to the State Department two years after leaving office, falsely claiming they were the only ones she had that involved government business.

The natural speculation after Assange's interview was that WikiLeaks had, and was poised to release, some or all of the approximately 32,000 emails Clinton had deleted and attempted to destroy -- i.e., the emails she had not surrendered to the State Department, falsely claiming none of them involved government business. But that is not what Assange said. To repeat, he coyly indicated only that the emails he was planning to publish were "in relation to Hillary Clinton."

Consequently, when WikiLeaks began publishing the hacked DNC emails on July 22, 2016, it was quickly and widely concluded that the Russians were responsible for the cyberespionage operation.

In one fell swoop he's gone from defending Donald to: acknowledging that collusion is obvious; conceding the FISA warrants did not require the dossier;  taking out Devin Nunes; and, defending the veracity of the dossier.  That's some Deep State level stuff.

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