March 12, 2019


Why I remain a Never Trumper, and what it means (Quin Hillyer, March 11, 2019 , Washington Examiner)

I will not vote for Trump, because I can never vote for a virulent bigot. After much reflection, I personally believe Trump to be just that. This is a personal belief that I will not defend here and now, but it's not something I could make myself ignore, even if I wanted to.

I will not vote for Trump because I believe that while nobody is anywhere near perfect, good character is important, especially in the Oval Office, as an example for America's youth. I can never vote for somebody with character beneath a certain baseline level. I believe Trump to be well below that level. I also firmly believe he is corrupt, with a business past just as dicey as the grifting that made most of us conservatives investigate and castigate the Clintons in the 1990s.

I can't vote for Trump because I believe, in the long term, he is doing more harm to conservatism and his country than the good accomplished by some of his administration's temporary policy achievements. (I also credit him for far fewer achievements than his supporters do.) I believe he is doing significant harm to our international standing and to important international alliances, that his trade policies are a threat to both the American and world economies, that his obvious admiration for authoritarian "strong men" is extremely worrisome, that his particular admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin is dangerous, that his utter diminution of international human rights runs counter to American values and interests, and that his obsession with the only-somewhat-important issue of immigration distracts attention from far more serious issues facing this country, such as debt and cultural rot. [...]

Trump lies constantly, extravagantly, incontinently. He undermines faith in American institutions. He tweets out quotes from Mussolini, recklessly slings around the word "treason" and uses Stalinist language such as "enemies of the people," claims executive powers wildly beyond the tenor and intent of the Constitution, promotes destabilizing conspiracy theories, and encourages a societally hazardous cult of personality.

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