February 26, 2019


The Real Reason for Netanyahu's Ferocious Attacks on Israel's Arab Citizens (Ron Gerlitz, Feb 25, 2019, Ha'aretz)

Following improved polling for Blue and White (the combined Gantz-Lapid party), a potent threat, the prime minister ratcheted up his rhetoric into the danger zone with incitement against the political representatives of Arab citizens, claiming that the Arab parties are intent on destroying Israel.

This outrageous lie and its dangerous message poses a real physical danger to leaders of the Arab parties. Some passionate partisan from the ultra-right could decide to take action to prevent those Knesset members from "destroying Israel."

His election day talk of "Arab voters turning out in droves" is old news now, when Netanyahu is leading entire election campaign which is steeped in incitement against Arab citizens and their political representation.

Not to be outdone, Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev began her primary campaign with a venomous video offering no details of her accomplishments in culture or sport. Instead, she vilifies Arab members of the Knesset one after another.

Other right-wing ministers are stoking the flames by accusing Arab MKs of treason and all of them together piloted the Nation-State bill through the Knesset to become the law of the land in July 2018, igniting outrage and protest in Israel among Arab citizens and all who hold democracy dear.

This bill and the ugly rhetoric top a decade of poisonous government political attack against Arab citizens since Netanyahu retook power in 2009.

Its three main components: incitement of unprecedented scope and intensity from the prime minister and other senior ministers, including calls to boycott Arab areas and citizens and accusations levelled against Arab Knesset members of treason and collaboration with the enemy; attempts to erode the legitimate political representation of the Arab constituency; and harsh legislation clearly signaling that Arabs have no part here and do not belong.

The central premise is that only Jews are Israeli and, even there, only Jews approved by the Rabbinate.

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