February 17, 2019


The Evolution Controversy: On the Links That Are Missing: It is my reason, not my faith, that is challenged by this sort of evolution. (Joseph Pearce, 2/17/19, NCR)

As for a healthy skepticism with regard to the claims of evolution, let's not forget the missing links. Let's not forget that Science has been trying to make the "accident" of evolution happen for over a century without success. It has worked with countless generations of fruit flies, trying to make evolution work, i.e., playing at God by interfering in the "accidental" processes of nature in order to prove the theory of "accidental" evolution. This is, of course, a delightful paradox: Darwinian evolutionists have been practicing intelligent design, i.e., interfering as outside agents into natural processes, in order to disprove the notion of intelligent design! And yet what is the result of all of these countless experiments by numberless scientists to make evolution work (evolution by design)? The result is a complete failure to turn fruit flies into anything but fruit flies. All of the genetic tampering with this primitive species has made mutants, to be sure, but they are mutant fruit flies. We have very large fruit flies; we have blind fruit flies; four legged fruit flies; fruit flies that can't fly; and, for all I now, fruit flies that are allergic to fruit. But the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they are still fruit flies.

Isn't this curious? And, so my microbiologist friends inform me, what is true of fruit flies is true of even more basic life forms, such as bacteria. It seems that the best efforts of evolutionist microbiologists have failed to turn basic elements, such as E. coli, into different types of bacteria. If science cannot make evolution work from one species to the other, even when applying its own intelligent design to the most basic life forms, is it really outrageously unscientific to request an element of skepticism about evolution across countless different species, beginning with inanimate specks of dust (rock) and ending with Man?

Nor has it been observed in the 300,000 years of recorded history, leading to the delightful dodge amongst Darwinists that we are in an evolutionary pause. It's why applied biologists (physicians, in the parlance) eschew the theory.

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