February 19, 2019


Texas Republicans -- and Beto -- are more conservative than their national parties (Mark P. Jones,  Feb. 18, 2019, Texas Tribune)

O'Rourke's score also reveals that, within the context of national Democratic politics, Beto is quite moderate, with a more centrist ideological position than those of more than three-quarters of all Democratic U.S. House members. Within the current context, where the Democratic Party is veering further to the left on issues ranging from health care to taxes, Beto's centrist track record could represent a liability in a race for president. On the other hand, with a Democratic left lane that is more congested than Houston freeways during rush hour, O'Rourke's centrist profile could give him room to maneuver in the comparatively uncongested center lane, where the potential number of candidates seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination is much smaller.

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