February 25, 2019


Nikki Haley's next act: A policy group, a book -- but no word on 2024 (Anne Gearan, February 25, 2019, Washington Post)

"With the hyperpolarization that we have right now and the division that we have right now, I want to make sure that we put out good policy," Haley said in an interview with The Washington Post ahead of Monday's launch of "Stand for America," her new policy group. [...]

"I thought hard about what life was going to be like as a private citizen, and I think what I've always loved is policy -- whether it's foreign policy or domestic policy, I've always loved it, and I always want to have a voice," Haley said in the interview.

The organization's initial list of subjects reflects Haley's conservative worldview and political instincts, while its website features photographs of Haley traveling the world as U.N. ambassador and taking questions in the White House briefing room.

The group's policy positions mostly align with Trump's, while also bearing echoes of traditional Republican views that have taken a back seat during the populist-flavored Trump era.

She is tougher rhetorically on Russia that her former boss usually is, and says she disagrees with Trump's preference for punitive tariffs as a negotiating tactic in trade disputes.

"America faces many threats from enemies and competitors overseas. China, Russia, and Iran are chief among these international dangers. Stand For America is committed to stopping dangers from abroad and protecting the American people's security, interests, and values," the new group's website says. "More and more here at home, we see our prosperity being threatened by socialist schemes of higher taxes, burdensome job-destroying regulations, government-run health care, and unsecure borders."

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