February 5, 2019


Neomi Rao Says She Regrets Controversial College Writing on Date Rape (STEPHANIE MENCIMER, FEBRUARY 5, 2019, Mother Jones)

On Tuesday, during her confirmation to replace Brett Kavanaugh on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, Trump nominee Neomi Rao distanced herself from college writing in which she suggested that women who drink too much bear responsibility for any ensuing sexual assault. She told the Senate Judiciary Committee,  "When I was in college it was a time of exploration," and called her early work "idealistic." Rao said that in college, she had enjoyed commenting on events then taking place on campus, but now looking back at some of the things she had written, "I cringe."

"In the intervening two decades, I like to think thatI've matured as a thinker and a person," she said.

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