February 19, 2019


Tomi Lahren Is Trump's Rightful Heir: Just because she's the poor man's Ann Coulter, don't sleep on Tomi. She could be destined to inherit Trump's movement. (MOLLY JONG-FAST  FEBRUARY 19, 2019, The Bulwark)

She's got all of the rage and racialist attitudes of Ann Coulter but isn't burdened by any of Coulter's intellectualism. When she's not in attack mode, she's perfected the blank stare of Steve Doocy, which allows her to take on the aspect of tabula rasa conservativism. Is she for free markets? Crony capitalism? Outlawing abortion? Who can say. What matters is that she's into melting snowflakes. She's the perfect designated successor for Trumpism.

Tomi didn't just emerge, fully-formed, from Ann Coulter's head. No, she was shaped and molded by the awesome power of the conservative media feedback loop mixing with her raw talent and ambition. She got her start in the ecosystem with One America News Network (of course) and then migrated to Glenn Beck's Blaze, where she was eventually fired for announcing that she was pro-choice while doing a guest spot on The View. The surprise conversion on a network show was a total coincidence and in no way an attempt to get out of her contract with a niche streaming service in order to break into the bigtime.

It's interesting how smoothly Tomi's pro-choice views dovetail with the binary-choice pro-lifers who are always trying to talk themselves into believing that they have to support Trump, no matter what, in order to save babies. They seem unperturbed by Tomi's heterodoxy and not terribly interested in what it says about Trump's commitment to the cause of life that a pro-choice zealot is one of his biggest apologists. Perhaps this is a signal achievement of Trumpism, which seems to have crafted its own fusionism between the religious right and the libertarian wings of the party. Or maybe it's an achievement unique to Tomi's own brand in which she bridges the divide with anti-abortion crusaders by gleefully calling for the gassing of migrant children and rage tweeting about the "pathetic" "snakes" who were upset about a child dying in an ICE detention facility. She's a uniter, not a divider.

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