February 12, 2019


Trump Is Tough on Venezuela -- but Won't Let Fleeing Venezuelans Into the U.S. (MANUEL MADRID, FEBRUARY 12, 2019, American Prospect)

 To the tens of thousands of Venezuelans in need of protection in the U.S. and those at risk in other countries, the administration has slammed its doors.

In fact, the United States has deported more Venezuelans in the past few months than it's resettled Venezuelan refugees in years. 

In October and November of last year alone immigration officials deported more than 120 Venezuelan nationals, according to the latest statistics compiled by Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC). Meanwhile, the U.S. has not resettled a single Venezuelan refugee since 2013, according to government records, nor does it have any plans to do so in the near future. 

When asked if the State Department was at least accepting submissions from Venezuelan refugees, a spokesperson said: "At this time, the United States is not in discussions about resettling large numbers of Venezuelan refugees."

At a time of deepening crisis for displaced people worldwide, including Venezuelans, the Trump administration has brought refugee admissions to historic lows, from the 110,000 yearly limit set by the Obama administration in 2017, to 45,000 in 2018, and now 30,000 in 2019. Moreover, the actual number of refugees resettled is much lower than those ceilings. Under Trump, the U.S. has admitted the lowest number of refugees in the almost four-decade history of the resettlement program.

"The U.S. is abdicating its role as a leader on refugee protection and admission of immigrants," says Donald Kerwin, executive director of the Center for Migration Studies. "The [federal government] should be looking at the Venezuelan crisis holistically. That includes diplomatic efforts, sanctions, humanitarian funding, and, yes, helping refugees and protecting asylum seekers."

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