February 13, 2019


McCarthy rebuffs accusations of anti-Semitism in deleted tweet about Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg (CAITLIN OPRYSKO, 02/13/2019, Politico)

In a tweet last October, McCarthy wrote that "we cannot allow Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg to BUY this election! Get out and vote Republican November 6th. #MAGA."

The tweet included a video featuring McCarthy discussing George Soros, Tom Steyer and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, all Jewish men who are significant donors to Democratic campaigns and causes.

It invoked a stereotype about the Jewish faith that has long been considered to be an anti-Semitic dog whistle popular among the alt-right, and it's a tactic that the president himself was accused of employing in his 2016 campaign.

Trump Former Inaugural Committee Chair Defends Saudi Arabia  (AP, 2/13/19)

The man who led President Donald Trump's inaugural committee has said America is in no moral position to criticize Saudi Arabia over the killing of Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

"Whatever happened in Saudi Arabia, the atrocities in America are equal, or worse," Tom Barrack said Tuesday at the Milken Institute MENA Summit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Thank goodness neither is Muslim!
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