February 21, 2019

FACED IN THE CROWD (profanity alert):

Dutch historian exposes Tucker Carlson's fraud (Erik Wemple, February 20, 2019, Washington Post)

Here's the fascinating part of this clash: Carlson starts out by bathing Bregman in praise for his remarks at Davos, which the video replays. "That's one of the great moments -- maybe the great moment in Davos history," Carlson said, chuckling about the hypocrisy of the folks who travel by private jet to talk about the world's problems in Switzerland. "If I was wearing a hat, I would take it off to you," Carlson said.

Thus was established the planned rhythm of the interview. Bregman, you see, was brought in as a friendly voice, a fellow who would presumably play along with the host. That very status gave Bregman enough space to turn the whole conversation into a referendum on Carlson's own hypocrisy. "The vast majority of Americans, for years and years now, according to the polls, including Fox News viewers and including Republicans, are in favor of higher taxes on the rich. . . . It's all really mainstream but no one's saying that at Davos just as no one's saying that at Fox News," Bregman said in the discussion. Folks at Davos and at Fox News, he alleged, had been "bought by the billionaire class."

Carlson didn't immediately anger, though he did try to steer the discussion elsewhere. When Bregman persisted in his critique of Fox News, Carlson said it would be "interesting" to know how much Fox News the historian had watched.

After some more back-and-forth, Bregman showed that he'd really, really studied the programming values of "Tucker Carlson Tonight": "I think the issue really is one of corruption and of people being bribed and not talking about the real issues. What the Murdochs really want you to do to is scapegoat immigrants instead of talking about tax avoidance," he said.

As Bregman continued showing a command of Fox News's pro-elite advocacy, Carlson blew up. He called Bregman a "moron" and couldn't figure out how this fellow had even viewed the network's programming. "Fox doesn't even play where you are," said Carlson. "Well, have you heard of the Internet?" replied Bregman. "I can watch things whatever I want."

By this point, Bregman, thousands of miles away, was sitting where Carlson usually sits -- in complete command of the interview, setting the pace, putting his interlocutor on the defensive. The host was verily gasping for air. The most telling words of the interview came when Carlson said, "Wait -- but, but can I just say?" That was just shortly after Bregman said Carlson was a "millionaire funded by billionaires."

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