February 9, 2019


The SDNY Investigation Is Real Peril for President Trump (ANDREW C. MCCARTHY, February 9, 2019, National Review)

As Rich Lowry and I discussed in this week's episode of The McCarthy Report, Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D, Calif.) and the chairmen of the other relevant House committees are laying the groundwork for imminent battles over the scope and disclosure of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's eventual report to the Justice Department. They are opening the front into the president's family-run real-estate empire -- investigations that will seek his tax returns, probe fraud allegations raised in an explosive October 2018 New York Times report on the Trump empire's accumulation of wealth, and explore the Trump Organization's dealings with Deutsche Bank, which has been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for helping Russian oligarchs launder money.

Jousting simultaneously with at least five congressional committees will exhaust the administration. Yet the more immediate threat of criminal jeopardy for the president is posed by federal prosecutors in Manhattan.

The SDNY has already obtained a guilty plea from Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer and self-described "fixer." Two of the eight felony counts involved campaign-finance violations arising out of hush-money payments to two women who claim to have had extramarital dalliances with the real-estate magnate a decade before he became president. In the guilty plea, prosecutors had Cohen name Trump as the superior who directed him in the transactions.

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