February 16, 2019

ALL ABOUT THE BANNONS, BABY! (profanity alert):

Far-right Tommy Robinson declares himself a 'Zionist' in leaked video (Middle East Monitor, February 15, 2019)

In another section of the video, Robison can be seen singing that he is "king of the whole Islam race," before declaring his love for Israel. [...]

The footage ends with Robinson saying: "Palestine! F*ck Palestine. Why would you support Palestine," adding: "If there was a war tomorrow, which probably there would be, I would be there in the front line fighting for Israel".

The footage - released by the Sun - captures the growing bond between the far-right and Israel. Racists and neo-Nazis in Europe and the US often harbour deep-seated envy for the Zionist states' ethno-religious nationalism and wish to model Europe and the US on a similar footing.

Leaders of the far-right - like white nationalist Robert Spencer who is known to harbour Nazi sympathies - gave a ringing endorsement to Israel's Nation-State Law saying: "I have great admiration for Israel's nation-state law. Jews are, once again, at the vanguard, rethinking politics and sovereignty for the future, showing a path forward for Europeans."

In another incident, a former Israeli soldier who was a member of Tommy Robinson's campaign addressed protestors on a London street saying: "no matter what the left call us, I am the world's proudest Jewish Nazi".

The trend has led to what critics are describing as "the unholy alliance between Israel and alt-right ideologues". They say that what unites Israel, far-right ideologue Steve Bannon and Spencer more than anything else is their animosity towards the liberal left, Islam and global institutions like the UN, which prioritises a global order based on the rule of law over assertive ethno-religious nationalism.

As Andrew Gillum said to Ron DeSantis...

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