January 19, 2019


Alexander Hamilton is smiling on Ron DeSantis (Adam C. Smith Jan. 16, 2019, TB Times)

At one point in that post-election period, Gaetz, chief of staff Shane Strum and transition team leader Susie Wiles holed up at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club to map out a proposed first 100 days.

"The governor comes in and says he loves it -- but would like to do all of it in January," Gaetz said.

As striking as the contrast is between DeSantis' campaign and early, pedal-to-the-metal governing style, consider how the Fox News partisan has managed to please so many Democrats on key policies.

No way the bipartisan goodwill lasts, but the early moves sent a reassuring message to the 50.4 percent of Florida voters who cast ballots for someone else.

Chris Hand, a Jacksonville lawyer and Democratic strategist who worked on the bipartisan Groveland Four Clemency Coalition, hailed DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet for so quickly pardoning the young men wrongfully accused of rape in 1949.

"To the extent that this is Gov. DeSantis signaling that he wants to be a leader for all Floridians, that would be a welcome change from the previous administration," he said.

Democratic St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman applauded DeSantis' emphasis on environmental protection and plan to create an Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection to respond to rising sea levels.

"Every city in this state is going to need help addressing issues of mitigation and adaptability, and we could be real partners," Kriseman said.

One of the saddest things about the GOP these days is that it's entirely possible that the Governor is not a genuine racist and just ran as one to appeal to white Florida voters.
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