January 8, 2019


A bulwark against Trump and Trumpism (Jennifer Rubin, January 8, 2019, Washington Post)

On Monday, that void was filled, at least in part, by a new online news outlet, the Bulwark, featuring many of the Weekly Standard's familiar faces -- Charlie Sykes as editor in chief, Bill Kristol as editor at large, former Weekly Standard writers Jim Swift and Jonathan Last -- but also new writers and new contributors. Judging from Monday's edition, it offers the possibility of a no-holds-barred critique of the right during the Trump era and its less-than intellectually honest apologists. Sykes was good enough to answer a few questions:

Jennifer Rubin: What's the origin and purpose of the Bulwark?

Sykes: The Bulwark isn't going to be The Weekly Standard 2.0, but the murder of the Standard made it urgently necessary to create a home for rational, principled, fact-based center-right voices who were not cowed by Trumpism. We were lucky to get some of the magazine's most talented on-line personnel on board right away. Our mission is to be smart, conservative, non-tribal and to say out loud what too many conservatives only say in private. We also wanted to move quickly because the next few months may prove decisive.

We also intend to have fun and name names. One of our core missions will be to call out the grifters and trolls who've done so much to corrupt conservatism.

The mission of Conservatism today is to differentiate conservatism from the Right.

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