November 27, 2018


Stop Complaining About Your Rent and Move to Tulsa, Suggests Tulsa (SARAH HOLDER,  NOV 16, 201, City Lab)

"I'm a California, New York guy," Michael Basch tells me. "I figured I'd be really bored here."

"Here" is Tulsa, the second-largest city in Oklahoma, known for its new $465 million public park, the Gathering Place, and its annual Chili Bowl. Since moving there earlier this year, Basch says that he hasn't been bored at all. The city may be 1,640 miles and a world away from his old home in Manhattan, but it has its own charms: Tulsa is "super hip," "super unique," and "exclusively un-exclusive," he says. He calls it "the Paris of the Heartland." (Apparently, nobody else does, yet.)

Another big plus is that Tulsa is much, much cheaper to live in than New York City. The median home price here is about $120,000, not nearly $700,000. And, for about 25 lucky telecommuters looking for a change of scenery, it's about to get even more affordable.

Starting this week, remote workers from all over the country can apply to move to Tulsa in exchange for $10,000 in cash, a housing stipend for a fully-furnished apartment in a building downtown, and a desk at a local co-working space. The program, called Tulsa Remote, is being fully funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, a Tulsa-based philanthropy (where Basch now consults), and was planned with the city's cooperation.

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