November 15, 2018


Federal Judge Trolls Marco Rubio, Rules Florida Must Let Voters Correct Alleged "Signature Mismatches" (MOLLY OLMSTEAD and MARK JOSEPH STERN, NOV 15, 2018, Slate)

Florida election officials have rejected between 4,000 and 5,000 ballots on the basis of amateur handwriting analysis. These officials are tasked with comparing the signatures on voters' absentee ballots to the signatures on their registration forms; if they find a "mismatch," they nullify the ballot. U.S. District Judge Mark Walker described this process as an "arbitrary determination" and ruled that elections supervisors must now give voters two days to fix these alleged signature mismatches. In an apparent jab at Sen. Marco Rubio, who analogized this litigation to football in a bizarre series of tweets, Walker explained: "Football fans may quibble about the substance of the rules, but no one quibbles that rules are necessary to play the game." He continued:

[N]o one quibbles that football referees make certain calls, under the rules, that deserve review. Indeed, not every call is going to be clear--the ultimate decision may hinge on highly subjective factors. Hence, a call will be overturned only when there is "clear and obvious visual evidence available that warrants the change." ... Coaches may challenge calls themselves by throwing a red flag, or, in certain circumstances, the referees may initiate review on their own.

All that process. Just for a game.

In this case, the Plaintiffs have thrown a red flag. But this is not football. Rather, this is a case about the precious and fundamental right to vote--the right preservative of all other rights. And it is about the right of a voter to have his or her vote counted. 

Rough week for the newborn Nationalist.

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