November 19, 2018


How California conservatives became the intellectual engine of Trumpism (Jane Coaston, Nov 19, 2018, Vox)

The epicenter of 2018's version of conservatism, and of American Trumpism, isn't Washington, DC. It's California.

Breitbart News was founded in Los Angeles, and its headquarters remains in the city's Brentwood Heights neighborhood. Its founder, Andrew Breitbart, who died in 2012, met former White House adviser Steve Bannon in LA. Ben Shapiro, whom Breitbart mentored and who worked at his eponymous publication, now runs his own conservative media empire,, out of a nondescript office building in LA.

Claremont McKenna College, located on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County, was the birthplace of intellectual Trumpism and the "Flight 93 Election" -- an influential essay published in the Claremont Review of Books that stated that electing Trump was the only way to save the country. The author of that missive, Michael Anton, went to the University of California Berkeley and Claremont, and then went on to work in the Trump White House, alongside White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, a native of Santa Monica, and Trumpist trade adviser Peter Navarro, who taught at the UC Irvine.

In September, I traveled the length of the Golden State, stopping at conservative outpost after conservative outpost, to try to understand how one of the most liberal states in the union had become the intellectual engine of contemporary conservatism.

In these conversations, one common theme emerged: Conservatives living and working in California view themselves as philosophically, culturally, and demographically under siege, and the political movement they are ideating, advocating, and building reflects that fully. [...]

 As Kesler told me, "The experience of seeing California go from a solidly Republican, Reaganite state to a very solidly Democratic state -- so solid that the Republicans are virtually an endangered species in statewide offices -- that experience has been very sobering for a whole generation of California conservatives, and that has helped, I think, to create a separate consciousness."

...they now want to destroy it nationwide. If George Soros really were an evil Socialist mastermind he'd be dumping money on these guys.

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