November 2, 2018


A Conspiracy So Vastly Inept (John Middlebrook, November 2, 2018, Weekly Standard)

[E]ven in the absence of the alleged victim, Wohl and Burkman persisted with their press conference. The date given in the Wohl documents--"on or about August 2, 2010"--was also problematic. As the Washington Post reported on August 3, 2010: 

Robert Mueller [was spotted] dutifully doing his jury duty in D.C. Superior Court on Monday. The FBI director (with an ear-pieced security guy in tow) made it all the way into the jury box for voir dire on a gun-possession case and got a warm smile from the judge . . . but he was quickly excused (the "work in law enforcement?" question seemed to do it).

"Was [Mueller] only at jury duty?" Wohl asked at the press conference. "Sometimes people go to jury duty, but they're also somewhere else." Wohl and Burkman pointed out that Mueller, according to an August 6, 2010, press release on the FBI's website, had spoken at a cybersecurity conference in New York, which lasted from August 2 to August 5. The press release didn't specify the date of Mueller's speech. He delivered it on August 5.

Burkman and Wohl's story gave every appearance of being a farce--a sick one, to be sure--in the days leading up to the press conference. On October 30, the Atlantic's Natasha Bertrand reported that journalists had received an email from a "Lorraine Parsons" alleging she had been offered money to say Mueller had assaulted her.

No one has been able to confirm whether Parsons is a real person. But a woman named Jennifer Taub, a Vermont law professor, had received an email, apparently from a firm calling itself "Surefire Intelligence," offering money to Taub to discuss her "encounters" with Mueller. The Atlantic's Bertrand reported: "Taub told me she has never had any encounters with Mueller, though she does appear on CNN at times as an expert commentator on the Mueller probe."'s an article of faith on the Right that you can fake credible sexual assault allegations.

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