November 28, 2018


A call for freedom in the Muslim world (Ajmal Masroor, 25 November 2018, Middle East Eye)

Change will only come when Muslims embrace the true concept of freedom - when they believe that they were born free, with basic, natural dispositions that encourage them to realise their inner potential and aspirations freely. 

Muslim societies will experience freedom when they accept that they are free from inheriting the sins of their predecessors, and are not responsible for anyone else's mistakes. They deserve to be free from subjugation, oppression, abuse or exploitation by any individual or state. 

Freedom can be achieved in Arab and Muslim countries when the masses accept that their natural human status offers them inherent dignity and honour. They are the subjects only of God, not of any man or woman on Earth. They are responsible to God alone. That is the foundation of real freedom of mind: when you set your mind free, you will be free. 

Most Muslim rulers cannot tolerate intellectual freedom of the masses, let alone political freedom. Change will be sustainable and freedom will proliferate in Muslim-majority countries when citizens are fully committed to their personal accountability to God. The realisation that God is cognisant of all human thought and action offers a brilliant template for personal freedom and responsibility. 

I lament the plight of Muslims who lack this basic feature of their faith. I am also troubled by the lack of real initiatives to end this misery. Freedom will not be attained by prayers alone; the Muslim masses must organise to gain freedom. 

While freedom can be defined as the absence of restraint, societies' consensus-based boundaries help to guard it. In other words, there would be no freedom without restraint. Yet, many Muslim rulers have taken this concept of restraint to a new level. 

They do not hesitate to cut down thousands of people to sustain the status quo. Their reasons for draconian rule are purely selfish. They wish to remain in power eternally and enjoy a nation's wealth illegally. How to return freedom to the Arab and Muslim world requires a rethink and robust action. 

Dictators--secular, Alawite or Salafi--can stall the Arab Spring, not prevent it. Globalization is simply a stronger force than Sunni Islam and Globalization is just Anglofication.

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