November 10, 2018


Polls: Voters Punished GOP Over Health Care Threat (Tommy Christopher, 11/10/18, ShareBlue)

According to exit polls, health care was the most important issue to 41 percent of voters -- nearly double the percentage who prioritized the next most important issue. Health care hasn't topped that list in any other exit polls for presidential or midterm elections in this century.

And of the many voters who named health care the most important issue, a whopping 75 percent voted for Democrats on Tuesday.

That's a massive repudiation of Trump and the Republicans on an issue that is not going to go away.

It wasn't just blue state voters who made their voice heard specifically on health care.

Voters in three very red states -- Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah -- voted in favor of bringing Obamacare's Medicaid expansion to their state, which those states' elected Republicans had refused to do.

Republican desperation on health care reached an absurd fever pitch when Trump tried to warn a rally crowd that Democrats were really the ones who "would obliterate Obamacare."

Unfortunately for the GOP, there is a pile of receipts that say otherwise.

...the only real question is whether the GOP wants to help shape the form of universal health care we arrive at. All electorates consider it a core obligation of government.

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