November 27, 2018


Baroness Trumpington's 11 ballsiest and best quotes (Rosa Silverman, 27 NOVEMBER 2018, The Telegraph)

3. On self defence

"If you are ever attacked in the street do not shout 'help!', shout 'Fire!' People adore fires and always come rushing. Nobody will come if you shout 'help'." [...]

5. On her memoir, Coming Up Trumps

 "I don't understand all this excitement. I didn't write the damn book, and I haven't read it either."

6. On daring to contradict Thatcher

"I thought: if I'm not true to myself, I might as well not exist. Therefore, I'll say what I think and if that's wrong, she can sack me. We fought each other verbally and I would stick to my guns and she would provoke me on purpose, and that was useful to her. It meant she was ready for other opponents."

7. And why their relationship worked

 "In a funny way, she used me because I was never going to agree with her if I didn't agree with her and so arguing gave her somebody else's point of view."

8. On suggesting sheep detonate Falklands minefields

"My point was that you can put a sheep out of its misery and eat it. You can't do that to a man."

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