September 26, 2018


#MeToo Falls to Tribalism: Disturbing new polls suggest voters only believe sexual assault when the other party is accused of it. (GRAYSON QUAY • September 25, 2018, American Conservative)

Like criminal justice reform, sexual assault should be a bipartisan issue. By turning accusations into spectacular show trials, we do violence to the victims (Ford is currently in hiding after receiving death threats) and to our own political discourse. Instead of worrying about optics and party politics, we should be focusing on people and facts. We have a justice system for exactly this purpose, and I wholeheartedly support a thorough FBI investigation of Ford's claims.

Unfortunately, it isn't surprising that the Ford numbers and the Monahan numbers are almost exactly opposite. There's no incentive to be objective. After all, every time a member of one party misbehaves, the other party benefits. When Trent Franks resigned after allegedly trying to pay a female staffer to serve as his wife's surrogate and then offering to impregnate her through sexual intercourse, it proved to liberals and leftists that Republicans were a patriarchal cabal working tirelessly to make The Handmaid's Tale a reality. On the other hand, the downfalls of Hollywood types like Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K. led to endless think pieces laying all the blame at the feet of the sexual revolution and its progressive supporters.

Neither side is right. Sexual misconduct is not solely the result of some right-wing attempt to re-impose patriarchy, nor is it entirely a symptom of the abandonment of traditional morality. It is a persistent human problem on which no ideology has a monopoly, no matter how convenient that would be for those on the other side. Men are generally larger, stronger, and more aggressive than women. As long as this remains true, society will have to cope with sexual assault and misconduct. Simply voting for the right party won't make it go away.

We ought not waste this opportunity to get rid of as many of these guys as possible.

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