September 5, 2018


Female Reformist MP raises eyebrows with fiery speech in Iranian parliament (Al-Monitor, September 5, 201)

Parvaneh Salahshouri is a Reformist parliament member and a member of the Iranian parliament's Hope faction, which has been a staunch supporter of moderate President Hassan Rouhani and his policies. But Iran's fresh challenges, both economically and politically on a daily basis, are making critical voices louder from every side these days.

The outspoken female parliament member made a fiery speech during a Sept. 4 speech on the parliament floor, lashing out at state failures and calling for referendums on key issues. Salahshouri criticized Rouhani for not offering convincing answers to questions during a meeting with parliamentarians on the country's economic situation last week.

She elucidated a long list of woes the country is facing, ranging from inflation, poverty and unemployment, to corruption within the judiciary and the poor performance of the state broadcaster. She even had a thing or two to say about the powerful conservative clerical community. "I wanted to seek their help. But I found that instead of being worried about poverty and corruption, what matters to them most is [trivial issues such as] young girls' cycling and the hair sticking out of their scarves."

Salahshouri noted that she is not addressing her questions to state institutions, which -- according to her -- have disappointed the nation. She stressed that under the current circumstances the only way out of the multiple crises is the supreme leader's direct intervention and help. 

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