September 30, 2018


Judge's ruling may force Kansas Army officer's adopted Korean daughter to leave US (RICK MONTGOMERY, 9/29/18, The Kansas City Star)

A retired Kansas Army officer has lost his fight in federal court over his adopted daughter's citizenship status, meaning she may have to return to her native South Korea.

Lt. Col. Patrick Schreiber of Lansing sued after federal immigration authorities rejected visa and citizenship applications for his legally adopted daughter Hyebin, a Korean-immigrant niece legally brought to the U.S. by Schreiber and his spouse in 2012, when the girl was 15.

Schreiber's service the following year in Afghanistan caused the couple to put off Hyebin's Schreiber's legal adoption until she was 17. An adoption lawyer had advised that, under Kansas law, that was OK as the cutoff date to complete the process was Hyebin's 18th birthday.

But under immigration law, foreign-born children must be adopted before reaching 16 to derive citizenship from their American parents.

Jeff Sessions's Unqualified Praise for a 1924 Immigration Law (ADAM SERWER, JAN 10, 2017, The Atlantic)

During an October 2015 radio interview with Stephen Bannon of Breitbart, now a top adviser to the president-elect, Sessions praised the 1924 law saying that:

In seven years we'll have the highest percentage of Americans, non-native born, since the founding of the Republic. Some people think we've always had these numbers, and it's not so, it's very unusual, it's a radical change. When the numbers reached about this high in 1924, the president and congress changed the policy, and it slowed down immigration significantly, we then assimilated through the 1965 and created really the solid middle class of America, with assimilated immigrants, and it was good for America. We passed a law that went far beyond what anybody realized in 1965, and we're on a path to surge far past what the situation was in 1924.

Sessions comments were first flagged by the liberal blog Right Wing Watch.

The 1924 immigration law, known as the Johnson-Reed Act, drastically limited immigration and made permanent restrictions designed to keep out Southern and Eastern Europeans, particularly Italians and Jews, Africans, and Middle Easterners, barring Asian immigration entirely.

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