September 22, 2018

60-40 NATION:

Nike Is Winning the Colin Kaepernick Wars (DAVID FRENCH, September 15, 2018, National Review)
In our present, politicized age, we're seeing two things happen at once. First, multiple major corporations have stripped away any pretense of neutrality and are now openly on the progressive side of American political debates. Second, the vast majority of those corporations have paid no meaningful price for their progressive activism.

Just ask Nike.

Days after it announced a multi-million-dollar deal with Colin Kaepernick, prompting a minor stock dip and a torrent of stories detailing how foolish the company was to "alienate half its customer base," its stock gained back all the losses and it was reported that its sales had actually "skyrocketed" in the days after it launched its campaign.

If you followed the online debate the announcement touched off, you might ask: How can this be? Conservatives seemed furious.

Good one!

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