June 10, 2018


Focus on winning over Scots to independence from UK, Sturgeon tells SNP (Elisabeth O'Leary, 6/09/18, Reuters)

Sturgeon's speech was upbeat, focusing on a new SNP economic report which tackles the weaknesses of the economic arguments from the 2014 vote.

"It doesn't pretend there are always easy answers - no one believes that. But it does lay strong foundations for independence. Even with no extra growth from independence, the deficit can be turned around in five to 10 years," she said.

There were also policy offers such as a three percent pay rise for most staff in Scotland's national health service.

Sturgeon also argued for more immigration to the sparsely populated northern tip of Britain and greater powers to control it as a central feature of economic growth.

Scotland's population, much of which is rural and dispersed unlike the rest of the UK, is aging more rapidly than other parts of the country.

Immigration, however, is the thorniest political issue in the Brexit negotiations, and limiting the number of foreigners who enter the UK was a central element on which Britain's overall 2016 vote to leave the European Union rested.

"It's time for powers over migration to come to Scotland."  

Pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May's government to abandon unrealistic targets to curb immigration has emerged from many sides, including businesses and her own party ranks: Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, has criticized the government's targets as impractical.

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