June 4, 2018


All Roads Still Lead to Medicaid Expansion (Jonathan Bernstein, 6/03/18,  Bloomberg News)

Medicaid expansion is still going strong. And Virginia may have just given us a preview of another wave.

The Virginia Legislature on Wednesday, despite very narrow Republican majorities in both chambers, voted for the piece of Obamacare that the Supreme Court had made optional for the states. After Virginia, there are only 17 holdouts -- including Texas and Florida.

What's really important is that no state has gone in reverse, even those states that switched from Democratic to Republican governments after implementing expanded Medicaid. I'm going to take a short victory lap on my prediction from five years ago: "The future of this is now pretty clear: It's going to work just as the original Medicaid roll-out did. That was also optional for states, and many of them declined the first time around, but eventually all 50, no matter how conservative, found themselves participating. The key -- and I expect this to be true of the ACA Medicaid expansion as well -- is that the decisions were one-way. Over time, some of the decliners decided to join, but no state walked away."

The inevitable result of not offering a universal alternative to Obamacare was always National Health.

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