May 15, 2018


Pence Is Trying to Control Republican Politics. Trump Aides Aren't Happy. (Alexander Burns, Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman, May 14, 2018, NY Times)

Republican officials now see Mr. Pence as seeking to exercise expansive control over a political party ostensibly helmed by Mr. Trump, tending to his own allies and interests even when the president's instincts lean in another direction. Even as he laces his public remarks with praise for the president, Mr. Pence and his influential chief of staff, Nick Ayers, are unsettling a group of Mr. Trump's fierce loyalists who fear they are forging a separate power base. [...]

Word of the internal tensions is getting out beyond the walls of the White House: one prominent lawmaker said the complaints of high-ranking Trump officials were starting to circulate on Capitol Hill.

"They're looking for people to stay on the team, not break away from the team," Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said of the Trump side of the West Wing. [...]

"I don't know if he can get the nomination or not," said Lyle Campbell, a retiree living in Scottsdale. "I like Pence very much, but I'd rather have a woman run -- I'd rather have the ambassador to the U.N."

Good governance requires planning the transition.

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